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Electronics Enegineering

A simple and quick outlook of Electronics Enginneering

A Roadmap

We will get started with these four foundamental topics to start off your journey of electronics engineering.

Further Explorations

Power Electronics


Control Systems


Computing Systems


Electrical vs Electronics

Both electrical and electronics engineering derive from principles of electromagnetism. Electrical engineering focuses on large-scale systems like power distribution and transformers, while electronics centers on designing smaller circuits and components, such as integrated circuits. To put it simple, while electrical engineering studies macro-level power systems, electronics engineering focuses more on the micro-level applications that manipulate electrical signals.

Contemporary Applications

Electronics Engineering is a highly practical and rapidly-evolving program that delves deep into the design, analysis, and application of electronic devices and systems. This program offers a comprehensive study of core principles, such as fundamental electrical theories and laws, analog & digital electronics, semiconductor technology and signal processing.

Consumer Electronics

Biomedical Electronics

Sensors & Actuators

Robotics & Automation

Renewable Energy


Wearable Technology

Defense & Aerospace

Internet-of-things (IOT)

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