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In this section, we provide a comprehensive collection of circuit simulation tools, bridging the gap between theoretical learning and hands-on experience without the logistical challenges. Dive into our repository and empower your students with interactive, real-world circuit design simulations.

Tinker CAD Circuit

For Tinker CAD Circuit, Unlike traditional circuit simulation tools that draw the schematic diagram and present only the numerical voltage/current reading, Tinker CAD’s circuit simulation tool uses realistic looking and interactive components that mimic those that would be used in the physical world.

Users can drag and drop popular circuitry components such as breadboards and microbits along with a range of sensors then connect them with wires. It also allows you to program functions through a built-in code editor using a micro-controller with an observable interactive result. Compared with traditional circuit verification tools or even performing the circuitry experiment physically, using Tinker CAD circuit for circuit analysis and verification does not require actual components. It can also simulate various conditions and even destructive simulation experiments. TinkerCAD is free for educators and students. Teachers have the ability to create accounts for students where an unlimited number of projects can be generated and shared. TinkerCAD’s functionality of providing a free entry level solution, reducing the need for physical devices, and providing a platform that supports iterative learning paired with instant feedback has significant advantages for teaching and learning.

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